Teaching Rhyming and the IT family…..

One of the difficult things for kindergarten kids to “get” is rhyming. It’s almost like they either get it or they don’t and you can keep banging up against it with some kids and they just don’t seem to get it until they are good and ready to. When they don’t get it, it’s a bit troublesome because it’s part of that whole phonemic awareness thing that is going to give them trouble in their reading skill development if they don’t have it. It’s all about differentiating the sounds in words, if they can’t hear the sounds to manipulate them, then they can have problems with learning to read.

One of the other kindergarten teachers at my school came to lunch today and could hardly stop laughing. Apparently she had just seen one of her kids finally “get” it. They were doing the “it” family of words and this one kid started to get really excited, so she called him. He said, “Like hit and SHIT!” And she said, “Well, that’s an inappropriate word.” And he said, “No, it’s a real word, I know it is……”


3 thoughts on “Teaching Rhyming and the IT family…..

  1. Sure, he’s right, but we work with a lot of nonsense words too, like, “What would it say if I changed the “s” in sit to a “v”?”

  2. My kids have the rhyming down pretty good.

    Daddy, daddy, fo fatty. . .ha ha ha ha ha

    They think they are so funny.

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