The girl with the jump rope.

We don’t allow kids to take toys onto the jungle gym equipment on the kindergarten playground. This afternoon, we noticed that this one girl was on the highest part of the equipment and was hanging a large jump rope over the side. So I went over and told her to get the rope off of the equipment. Turns out she had it tied to her ponytail. I’m immediately thinking about what could happen if someone yanked or pulled on the other end of the rope.

A minute later this other teacher comes over to me and she is laughing so hard she can hardly talk. I said, “What?” And she said one word, “Rapunzel,” and busted out in peals of laughter again. And I knew immediately what she was talking about. In the library the librarian had been reading Rapunzel to the kindergarten classes. Oh, and acting the story out ………..

Since the library is right across the hall from my room, on the way in from the playground, I popped my head into the library. They immediately knew something was up. So I told them a story.


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