End of the Year Dibels Scores

I am really proud of my class this year. I don’t know if it is because I just have one of those really good classes this year (it sometimes happens), or if it’s because of the differences in my approach to teaching.

For the third and final DIBELS Benchmark assessment of the year, ALL of my kids made benchmark except two. One of those is still At Risk, she has language issues but is making progress, and the other one who made Emerging, is a candidate for special ed. I have at least 6 kids reading on a mid 1st grade to mid 2nd grade level.

We don’t get to actually read in small groups very much, at least not the high ones, most of my small group instruction has been mandated for at-risk students. Still I try to give them opportunities to read, I just don’t get to monitor it much. The funny thing to watch is the kids who have learned all of the skills, can read, but don’t know it. And I’m not kidding. I asked a kid to read something two days ago and she replied that she couldn’t read. But when I had her try, and when she focused, she could read the passage. I think she was surprised that she could do it. I knew she had the skills, she just hasn’t had the practice.

One thought on “End of the Year Dibels Scores

  1. You are like the Mr. Miyagi of reading.

    Read Daniel-son.
    But Mr. Miyagi, I don’t know how to read.
    (Mr. Miyagi throws book at Daniel . . .)

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