Gross things……. apparently…..

Today, the kids were working on some seatwork with some sight words, one of the words was “pretty”. This one little girl came up and asked me what the word was. I told her it was “pretty”. She said, “I’m going to write Mr. B is pretty.” I said, “I’m not pretty, I’m handsome.” So she said, “Then I will write that Mrs. B is pretty…” I said, “That’s one of the reasons I married her.” All the kids said, “EEwwww!!!!!!”

This whole idea of marriage, kissing, romance is just too gross for 5 year olds……

Except for the little boy and girl I caught under the table the other day…..

Which is of course why I like reading them books like “The Barking Mouse” so much….. the why, not being the kids under the table, but them thinking it’s gross.


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