New School Year

I don’t finish this school year until this weekend, but my mind is already thinking about the beginning of next year. I’m changing schools within my district, but still will be teaching full day kindergarten. I haven’t had a chance to really get over to the new (to me) school and see what I have for supplies, and furnishings. I thought I would dedicate the next few posts to getting the room set up and ready. I want to outline here what I want to have in place for the new year.

One of things I started doing 3 years ago is to take pictures of each of the kids on their first day of school. I then have two sheets of wallet size photos made. I always carry my digital camera to school, and what seems to work well for me is to send the pictures over the internet to Walgreen’s, my local drug store. I do this throughout the year as new students move in as well.

One of the things I use the pictures for, is an interactive seating chart. I get some of these self adhesive

magnetic business card backs (at Office Max ) and attach one of the pictures and an address label with the student’s name on it to the card. I usually make at least two of these for each student. One for the seating chart, and one for the job board. Our marker boards (chalk boards )are all magnetic, so I usually use them more for displays than writing with markers.

The magnet cards end up looking something like this. I put clear tape over the names to keep them nice.


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