The New School Year

I’ve been out of school long enough that I’m starting to feel antsy about getting back. There is so much to do. When I emptied out my room at my last school, I had to separate out all of the stuff that was mine from the stuff that belonged to the school. I threw away garbage cans worth of stuff as I cleaned the room. I’ve only been back in that room for two years, where did all the junk come from? Now I have taken over two of our bedrooms at home with boxes from my room, I could start sorting the stuff, but it’s hard to find room to spread it out. It would be nice to get it organized before I try to move it into the new room.

One of the problems with moving into the new assignment is that the school has not finished the 2007-2008 school year yet. Most tracks are still in session until the end of this week. Compounding the problem is the fact that most of the kindergarten rooms in my new school are being relocated. Previously, they had been scattered around the school, after the move they will be closer together. Only one of the previous five kindergarten teachers is staying. The principal is new to the school and often people change when there is a leadership change. Also some of the previous kindergarten teachers are moving out of state or closer to home. Since kindergarten is full day at Title One schools in our district, and this, like my last school is a Title One school, we need about one teacher for each track.

Anyway, I should be able to get into the school sometime next week and at least find out which room I’m going to be in this next year. Sometimes, they want you to stay away and give the custodial staff a chance to do some deep cleaning between sessions. They haven’t said anything about that yet.


2 thoughts on “The New School Year

  1. How can a child who just started kindergarten be placed in a Title One program? Isn’t this the place to learn how to read and count? This whole Title One experience is just an excuse to place the blame on the kids instead of the teaching system in a whole.

    • Perhaps your confusion lies in not having a full understanding of what Title One is or does. It’s a federal program, designed to help low income children. Typically, for a variety of reasons, low income children tend to start school with a smaller skill set than children from more affluent homes. Title One provides extra services and materials to schools that have a large enough percentage of low income families. If the percentage is high enough, the whole school is considered “at risk” and services are provided on a larger more comprehensive scale.

      It’s not about “blame”, it’s about extra resources and help. I can assure you, that after teaching for 20 years, my experience has been that all children do NOT come to school with the same background, preparation, knowledge, or support from home. The best teachers in the world have a hard time offsetting the disparity between poverty and affluent backgrounds. The issues are complex. Is our education system perfect? Hardly. But don’t shoot the teachers. Personnally, as a teacher, I’ll take the extra money that goes into my school along with the programs, materials, etc. Anything that will help me do my job and will help the kids.

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