Trying to get into my new room

The latest word is that I can start to get into the school on the 13th at which time I will get my keys, alarm codes, copier codes, and access to my room.   So the thing is, school doesn’t start real soon for me if I stay on the current schedule. On our year-round schedule my schedule starts on September 15th, the rest of the school will have been in session for three weeks at that point. I have to attend the three days of staff meetings next week, but then I’m off until the 15th of September. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to get into my room and get it set up. The real problem is that custodial and everybody else is focusing on the classrooms that start on August 25th. And they should. On the other hand, there is a slim chance that I could be starting on August 25th. The principal was going to ask the lady that she hired for the 5th rotation if she really cared one way or the other. Since I just came off of that rotation it would be what I am most used to. I told her that I would like that, but I’m not trying to make waves or anything. The thing is, if that were to actually happen, then school would be starting on August 25th and I have a LOT to do to be ready.


One thought on “Trying to get into my new room

  1. Hi! I am student teaching in a 2nd grade and then Kindergarten classroom. I spend 8 weeks in each! I am super excited and super nervous all at the same time…I start on the 25th.
    Well, thanks for the visit! I enjoyed reading your blog as well! I will add you to my blogroll! 🙂

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