I’ve got my keys…

So they finally gave me my school and room keys. School for me starts mid-September, three weeks after the rest of the school. So most of the rest of the school is gearing up for the start of school in 10 days. They will tolerate me being around if I don’t get in their way.

Today, I started putting up bulletin boards, I got one of the big alphabets up over the white board and got the calendar up. That makes one board done, and four to go. I also made two trips of stuff from home to the room. They shampooed half the room a few days ago, but when I moved all of the stuff on the other half, it was clear that the other half would need to be shampooed as well. The custodian took a look and he agreed. But it will probably be a few days before they get to it.

I met one of the new kindergarten teachers today for the first time. She’s new to the district, so she’s tied up in meetings, but had some time today to start working on her room. She was a little envious I think of my room, since I have one of the actual rooms made for kindergarten (you know, the ones with their own bathrooms) and she’s just got a regular classroom. I told her that I had taught kindergarten for 7 years in a room just like hers. But truth be told, I’m a little envious of myself. A real kindergarten room……

Anyway, I figure I have about three or four more loads to take to school in order to get all my stuff there. Fun, fun, fun. It’s going to take me three weeks to get ready, I don’t know how the rest of them are going to do it in just a week. And three days of next week are tied up with meetings and trainings.  There’s two actual kindergarten rooms and two regular classrooms with kindergarten for 4 classes total.  I’m going to talk to the teacher in the other kindergarten room before I suggest it, but I thought since we have two large walk in closets each, that we might offer some of the shelf space to the other two kinder teachers since they really don’t have any storage space.  I know I’m OK with it, I just want her to be OK with it too, before we offer.


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