For the other tracks, school has been in session 3 days.

Since I don’t have much else to do, I’ve been hanging out at my school the last few days. More Monday, less today.  We have 4 kindergarten classes in session right now, and one of them is staffed by a long term substitute.  So I’ve been helping the teachers out, running errands they can’t do with 26 or so kids, finding lost kids.  Just helping in general ways.  Things are settling down now so I have been helping less.  Although by Friday, the kids and the teachers will be pretty worn out and ready for the 3 day weekend.  It’s still a couple of weeks before my kids start, and even then, it won’t be as bad because by then the other classes will be settled into their routines and my class will be the only one that doesn’t know what it’s doing and by then, they can follow the examples of the other classes…..

The room has shaped up real nice, I just need to get the storage spaces organized.  On the evening of “Open House” I threw a bunch of stuff in there to make the room look good for the parents and kids.  Poor kids, one of them came right into the room and started looking around.  He said, “Where’s the toys?”  I said, “I hid them.”  He said, “Where?” as he kept looking……  And I replied with, “Well, if I told you, they wouldn’t be hidden anymore would they…..”  He wasn’t too thrilled with that answer.  Poor child, he thinks he’s going to get to PLAY in my class…….


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