My Last Post…

I ended my last post with, “Poor child, he thinks he’s going to get to play in my class…..”  As I think about that, I don’t want people to think that my class isn’t fun.  We do have lots of fun and a lot of learning is structured into forms of play.   It’s just not going to be without the framework  and structure of routines and procedures.  That first week is usually a killer for ALL of us.  The teacher is exhausted- every day.  The students are exhausted- everyday.

The first day is like herding cats.

I’ve compared it to trying to keep a basket of puppies in the basket…..

Until you get the routines and procedures established, it can be rough on everyone.  Which makes what they want to do in my class on THE SECOND day of school so frustrating.  The more I think about it, the more I’m starting to dig in my heels.  In our district, they have all of these assessment and testing dates established and set in the master calendar.  Well, SOMEBODY decided that ALL kindergarten would DIBEL Benchmark test within the same two week testing window.  Knowing that year round schools have a track out at all times, they were real generous and overlapped the testing window over the date that track two goes out and track one comes in.  Which would be FINE during all the rest of the year.  But it means that I have to have the testing done during the first week of school.  That’s just going to throw the whole establishing routines and procedures right out the window.  Never mind that the other tracks will have had at least two weeks to get their routines and procedures established prior to starting the testing.

It’s not the testing that bothers me, its the interruption of setting the routines.  How do I get that back?  I mean I’m a professional, I know I can do it, but why on earth would I WANT to do it this way?

People, what’s wrong with this picture?

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