The Dibels Dilemma…..

I mentioned that the testing window at our school for the first benchmark test for Dibels is during my first week of school (I start on the 15th).  All of the other tracks have been in session for three weeks at that point.  I start and track 2 goes out on break.  The principal stopped me in the hall a couple of days ago and said, “So I hear you aren’t too happy about having to dibel your kids during the first week?”  I said, “No, I’m not!  We really need to focus on routines and procedures and how can I do that if I have to dibel the kids?”

Can I just say that I LIKE my principal!

She is getting a sub for me on Thursday of that week so that I can test the kids!  So I’ll have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with regular routines and procedures and then Thursday, the sub can hold down the fort, and I’ll test and I can still help the sub as needed.  Just having another adult in the room when working with small groups or individuals is a big help.  Then I can finish up any loose ends on Friday. Now I just need to learn how to use that handheld to score the dibels, I’ve only done it using pen and paper before.


4 thoughts on “The Dibels Dilemma…..

  1. Believe me, having a palm is going to make a world of difference! My babies just started this Tuesday, and I have to start DIBELing them on Monday. Ugh! And, there will be NO sub coming to help. I don’t have an assistant, either, so I’m NOT looking forward to next week. It’s gonna be a load of fun trying to keep 29 5-year olds busy while testing one at my desk, on the 5th day of school!

  2. Yeah, after 3 years of doing dibels, I can believe it. I don’t envy you, it’s going to be a handful for both of us either way. As of yesterday, I have 28 on my class list.

  3. So, what does track 2 do, if they are going out how will they be tested? If they get to be tested later when they return shouldn’t you have the same amount of time to prep the kids before testing?

  4. The Dibels benchmark testing window starts Monday, and goes for two weeks. Tracks 3, 4, and 5 have the full two weeks to do the testing. Track 2 goes out this coming Friday, so they have to get their testing done this week. When I start the following week, I only have the last week of the testing window to do the testing, it just happens to be the very first 5 days these kids have ever been in school.

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