Grade level meetings

We had a grade level meeting on Friday, it was interesting.  Since I have spent the last 18 years at a different school and this is my first year at this school I get a little concerned about doing things the way they want them done here.  And there was some stuff in the meeting that just didn’t make sense to me.

In our district, they have a general rule that report card grades have to be based on a minimum of two grades per week in the relevant subjects.  Fine, that makes sense.  HOWEVER,  in Kindergarten that has never been the case because we don’t give grades per se.   The student either meets the standard or doesn’t meet the standard. And then there is a section on Essential Skills, which is a check list so they only get a check if they can do it or know it.  So I don’t really see the purpose in creating two “grades” a week for subjects if they don’t relate in any way to the report card and we don’t really give “grades”.  I guess I need to ask my administrator to expain the rationale.  It’s possible that the person on the grade level is misunderstanding.  I don’t want to do all that extra pointless work for nothing, I’ve got enough important stuff to do and teach.

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