The Room and tomorrow is the big day….

I have seating for 30 kids, I’m at 28 on my list.  If I put out a lot of positive energy, maybe some of them won’t show……..  I could only wish.  Title 1 gives the kids a free book each week, 32 total.  The first book going home is Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom  hence the bulletin board…….  The yellow bulletin board is called Mountain Language.


4 thoughts on “The Room and tomorrow is the big day….

  1. You have a big room it looks like or else a wide angle lens. You take nice shots (you could do real estate photography). Good luck with your first day. Let us know how it went.

  2. Yeah, it’s embarrassingly big. The school has two official kindergarten rooms and this is one of them. The other three rooms are smaller. If you notice in the first picture, on the ceiling there is a ridge, they could run a wall down the middle of the room on that ridge and turn it into two smaller rooms. Each with it’s own doors, bathroom and closet.
    Yesterday was a 12 hour day. Except for losing the lunch cards (before lunch naturally) it went very well. The kids are great, other than there are too many of them (29). I’m excited. So are they, I feel real bad for them though, they kept asking when we were going to play….. I told them when they learned how to walk in line.

  3. Not really. We just finished our first week of school today, and some stuff is put away because they are still learning routines and procedures. I watched what they got their little hands into during “meet the teacher” before school started and all of that stuff was put away. So SOME stuff is put away, but when I get it out, the room won’t look a lot different. Housekeeping and blocks and stuff like that won’t come out very often. We don’t have time. I am mandated to teach so many minutes of language arts, math, science and social studies. There isn’t much time left after that. Centers have to be subject specific. If it’s language arts time, the centers have to be language arts related. Math time, the same. Not my choice. But I don’t like clutter in the room. Part of that is probably that I am a guy….. I don’t do pretty or cute very well.

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