Day Two of the Year

Yesterday was the first day of my class’s school year.  Twenty-six out of twenty-eight kids were there.  They were pretty good other than not knowing anything.  By that, I mean not knowing anything much about school, how to act or what to do.  It was hilarious (if it wasn’t so painful) to watch them walk down the hall for example.  Absolutely no concept of walking in line.  Throughout the day they kept asking when they got to play, finally I told them that they weren’t going to get to play until they could walk in the hall in a straight line.  Now I’ve got to find something for them to play because they were pretty good today walking in the hall.

Yesterday they were pretty subdued,  today they were testing the limits.  Probably half the kids spent a couple of minutes in timeout at one point or another, nothing bad or very long, just so they know what’s  appropriate and not.  But they are cute.  They just want to find out what they can do or not do.  I’ve got one little lost soul though that I’m worried about.  I can explain what we are going to do at their tables and then send them to the tables to do it.  The one little guy just sits there.  I said, “Hey, Steven (not his real name) where did everybody go?”  He looks at me like, “Huh?”  then he says, “They went away.”  I said, “What do you think you should do?”  He looks at me kind of puzzled and hazards a, “Go away?”

Then there’ are bathroom issues.  With the bathrooms in the classroom, I had to train the boys to close the door when they use it.  And wash their hands.

We sometimes use the larger bathrooms down the hall, when we are going to specials or getting ready to go to lunch.  It’s easier to move more of them through faster.  Today, this second grade boy comes up to me and says, ” Mister, there’s some girls in the boy’s bathroom.”   I go in there and sure enough, there’s these little girl shoes hanging down in the stalls.  So I made all the boys stay out until the two girls were finished and then I  had to explain to them that they were in the wrong bathroom………as they walked out past the urinals…….

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