Dibels, using the Palm

I do like using the palm for recording and scoring Dibels.  I’ve done it for three years manually.  The Palm is much easier.  I did the Initial Sound Fluency and the Letter Naming Fluency with 25 students in one day.  I have three more students to do tomorrow and I will be finished.  They are newer students and have to be uploaded to the Palm still.  I was reasonably impressed with how well most of them did.  But until I upload the data, I don’t know for sure where we stand.  I’m pretty sure that they did better overall than my class did last year at the beginning of the year.  When I sync the Palm tomorrow it will download the new students to the Palm and upload the finished assessments at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Dibels, using the Palm

  1. There are some indications that the families here are a little more well off than the ones at my previous school. We actually have a functioning SafeKey program, and several kids are picked up by daycare buses after school. I think there were more latchkey kids at my other school or more family arraignments for daycare. The demographics on paper are very similar though. I checked when I applied here.

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