Thursday, when I had the substitute….

Every teacher just loves a good sub.  It was SO good to be there Thursday testing the kids and watching my sub work.  Did she do everything she was supposed to?  No.  But I don’t care,  because everything she DID do with the kids was relevant to the first week of school and she knew how to relate to 5 year olds.  She did the key parts, but brought in a LOT of other things, she sang with them, she explained things in Spanish sometimes, (about 80 % of my class is Hispanic),  she found one of my puppets and engaged the kids with it.  They had a wonderful day, and she seemed to enjoy working with them.

The great thing was that I got to see all of that, because I was in and out of the room all day testing the kids with DIBELS.  Believe me when I say that I have had subs that were at the other end of the spectrum.


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