What to do, what to do……..

I’ve got a little girl in my class of 30 who is becoming more and more disruptive.  I’m a little puzzled because I don’t know if she is just being defiant, and willfully disobedient or if she has something going on that she can’t help.  The problem is that what she does is so disruptive, but it’s not usually an out and out blow up.  She doesn’t seem able to pay attention, she is restless and moves around the room a lot.  When told to be quiet or sit down, it doesn’t happen.  When it becomes confrontational, she laughs.  I think that the laughter on her part is defensive though.  It’s putting on a front, as she backs herself into a corner……

Friday, she visited the principal and had to talk to dad on the phone.  That sobered her up… for about a half hour.  So I talked to Mom when Mom picked her up.

Today when she was being disruptive by talking and moving around and playing in the sink, and going back and forth between the sink, the drinking fountain, and the bathroom, I finally put her in timeout.  She promptly tipped her chair over and fell down.  So I took the chair away and had her sit on a tile on the floor.  So then she started rolling around and crawling on the floor.  At P.E. she was swearing, knocked or pulled another child off of the bars and hurt the child, so the P.E. teacher put her in timeout.

I need to talk to the guidance counsellor about her.   If we can’t get things figured out for her, it’s going to be a long year, for her and me.


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