Lesson Plans

I’ve been doing my lesson plans on two sheets with the whole week on one open page of the plan book, but it’s hard to get enough information in there.  So this last two weeks I’ve gone to a page per day.  I can get  a lot more in there and hopefully it will be easier for someone else to follow if need be.  One of the things I like doing, since I scan most workbook pages and keep them on my computer, is to incorporate various worksheet pages directly into my plans, I  build hyper links into the Word document that link all of those pages directly to the plans, at least the version that I keep on the laptop.  The printed plans don’t contain the links, at least that can be followed, but the electronic plans do, so it’s easy to print them out and run them off.  I’m also working on a seperate page that details the small group instruction for the week, but it still needs some work.

Here’s a sample day, I know it’s not perfect, and the formatting is a little off, but it’s a start, I need to work in the SWBAT (students will be able to) and stuff like that.  Good plans take forever. And I’m NOT saying or suggesting these are good.  I’m saying it in despair………

Monday Week of: Oct 13-Oct 17 – kdn. playground duty 8:30-8:50

Kindergarten Track 1 Room 1

8:50-9:25 Opening/Literacy/Calendar

Pick children up from playground, go to the room, put homework in backpacks, put backpacks up, chairs down, and

gather on the carpet, Attendance, Class News/Calendar

9:25-10:55 Reading/Language Arts/Trophies

E:\Kindergarten\Lesson Plans 2008-2009\Trophies PDFs\Trophies Theme 2 Weeks 1-3.pdf

Theme 2 Wk 2 Day 5 “I Am Special” Teacher’s Guide Page 256

Phonemic Awareness, p. 257 Phoneme Matching

Sharing Literature, p. 258 Big Book: Mice Squeak, We Speak Literature Focus, p. 259 Text Patterns

Seatwork/Centers Phonics, Phonics, p. 260 Review: Consonants /m/ and m, /r/and r, /s/and s initial sound Fountas and Pinnell sorting sheets, Waterford computers, Literacy Intervention kit.

2.K.A1, 1.K.4

10:55-11:30 Recess/Lunch

11:30-12:10 Literacy Intervention groups/centers/seatwork – See separate page for


Road to the Code w/small groups.  (worked up on a separate sheet)

1.K.1, 1.K.2, 1.K.4, 1.K.A1

12:10-1:25 Math-enVisions

Unit 4 “0 to 5” Problem Of The Day: pg 38, Math take home story books, pgs 35-36,

Introduce 2 math centers. Check for rule understanding. Do pages 42, 43,

1:25-2:15- Prep – PE

2:15-2:55 Writing

Shared Writing, p. 262 Write a Story, Writing Prompt, p. 262 Draw and write about a favorite animal.

Schoolwide writing prompt: I’m glad I live in the United States because…………..

2:55-3:10 S.S./ Science

End of day wrap up. Talk about what we learned today.

3:10-3:16 Dismissal

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