Six Kids

Out of my 30, I have six kids who are giving me fits.  It’s the oddest thing, I started to notice this last year and this year I’m seeing it more than ever.  These six kids have a group of symptoms or behaviors that are consistent throughout the group.  When tested at the beginning of the year, (during the first week) they knew no letters.  They have little or no fine motor skills.  Can’t cut with scissors, can’t color with crayons, can’t write their names, (after 4 weeks they still can’t write their names).  Their attention spans are nearly non-existent.  They do not have phonemic awareness.  Most of them can’t count-several can’t count past the number two.  Language Arts and Math both are problems for these kids.  They don’t or CAN’T listen.  And because of all that, they are disruptive in the classroom setting.

Without some kind of intervention, I think that many of these kids are set up to fail.  Something has to change, or they are not going to be successful in school.  In our district, first, second and third grades have small class sizes.  Kindergarten unfortunately hasn’t been given that benefit.  More and more curriculum from first grade is being pushed down into kindergarten, but the class sizes are generally still high.  It’s hard to meet the needs of 30 kids on a daily basis, and the academic expectations of the “new” kindergarten.


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