Jordan the Small

The  saga of Jordan the Small:

Yes, he is one of the 6 mentioned earlier. EVERYONE thinks he’s cute, and he has gotten  by on cute all of his albeit short life.  Even the little girls in class pat him on the head. He’s short. He has a September birthday and was actually 4 when he started, is small for his age, and has all of the difficulties mentioned in the previous post.  He also has a problem getting to the bathroom on time. He knows the lady in the Health Office REAL well.

Jordan is on the computer, and Waterford is a bit too hard for him so he has a helper. I hear the helper, “Jordan, if you need to go to the bathroom, go.” “No, Teacher will be mad if I leave the computer.” (this because I gave him heck the other day for just leaving the computer because he didn’t want to do it anymore)

I’m thinking, I’ll be madder if he wets….


He goes.

His helper comes over after Jordan comes out of the bathroom, “Teacher, Jordan’s wet.”

“Jordan, come here.”  “What?”  “COME HERE.”

“Yes Teacher.” He slowly comes.

“Are you wet?”  “No Teacher.”

Helper, “Yes he is Teacher, right here.”

“Fine, Helper, now go wash you hands.”

“I just did.”

“Yes, that was BEFORE you touched pee, now go wash your hands.”

Jordan, “It’s not pee.”  “Helper, wash your hands, then if it’s not pee what is it Jordan?”  Thinking furiously, “It’s from the washing machine Teacher.” (even IF his mom would dress him in wet clothes at 7:00 in the morning, it’s now 1:30 in the afternoon)

When Teacher gets up from rolling on the floor laughing,

“Messenger, take Jordan to the Health Office.”


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