My wife, who doesn’t like me blogging about her……

I’m justifying this one on the basis that it’s not REALLY about her…….

She is a school librarian, and she noticed a girl chewing gum in the library.  The girl said, no, she wasn’t chewing gum and didn’t HAVE any gum.  A few minutes later she caught the girl again, chewing gum, this time she made her throw it out, and she wrote a note to the teacher.

The teacher’s comment was, “Well, at least she isn’t doing DRUGS.”

My wife explained that, the bigger problem was the lying in the first place………..

I’m thinking, “What the  @%*!!#  does DRUGS have to do with it?

I think it’s pathetic that we can now justify ANY inappropriate  behavior by saying that at least it’s not something worse…..  And I think it’s sad that a TEACHER will justify in this way.  And I REALLY want to go look at the undersides of the desks in this teacher’s room.  I bet the custodians hate doing her room, speaking as a former school custodian.


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