Mr. Grumpy

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and I worried about the affect on my class.  We got through the day pretty well.  But towards the end of the day, one little girl was having some problems doing her work and I was a little short with her, and she clammed up and wouldn’t answer me when I asked her a question.  Finally, I said, “Do you think I’m being grumpy?”  I could see something in her eyes, but she still wouldn’t answer me.  So I told her that if I asked a question, she wouldn’t get in trouble for answering.  So she looked at me, for a minute, and then said, “Yes, I think you are being grumpy.”  So I apologized for being grumpy and we got on with our work.

I don’t have a problem admitting to little kids that I’m not perfect and that I can make a mistake and admit it, the idea that I’m always right because I’m the teacher or bigger is crazy.


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