Jordan the Soggy

(and yes, in case you were wondering, “Jordan” is not his real name)

Jordan is walking around this afternoon holding his shirt down in front of himself.  He seemed stunned that I would ask him if he might be a little wet……   But yes, he was.  Since it was about 10 minutes until the end of the day, I just had him sit on the tile floor and wait, rather than sit his soggy butt anywhere else.

A short time after they were dismissed, I noticed a substantial puddle on the tile where he had been sitting.  Not only was he wet, but he did it again while he was sitting there…..

Between the pee and the puke (another student and another story), we are going to have to shampoo the carpet REAL soon.

Never, in all my years teaching, have I had so much crying, puking and wetting.


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