Small Group, Differentiated Instruction

I have the groups all figured out.  I THOUGHT I had the center activities and seat work all figured out to keep the rest busy while I do the small group instruction.

I just can’t seem to get it to work yet.  Everyday, I get all the different things going and get ready to pull groups, and I end up managing all of the activities instead.  It’s like a juggling act, or one of those guys who balances spinning dishes on a bunch of poles.  They just can’t seem to manage on their own.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another, but I just never seem to get to the small groups.  I hate this time of year when they are SO needy, and want validation for every little PART of everything they do.  And there’s TOO many of them.  And they aren’t even potty trained.  Apparently…..

I could make the center activities easier, but then what’s the point?  The stuff needs to be hard enough for growth to occur, but easy enough that they can do it without my help.  It’s making me crazy.


2 thoughts on “Small Group, Differentiated Instruction

  1. Oh, my gosh, this is so me.
    I am teaching Kinders in 2 different schools (half day program) and one of my principals is really on my back to differentiate. I have been trying, but my class is so needy. I have 20 children and 14 of them are boys! One of those boys is ESL, just moved to the states in Aug. and is in culture shock! I can’t even get him to answer to his name.
    Last week, I was following my math book, and teaching my children (whole group) to roll dot cubes (dice). My principal said she did not see the value in teaching children to roll dice. I
    said, for safety, first, telling the boys that we do not fling them , we do not throw them etc. second, whenever you give children new manipulatives, they need the time to explore them and I was doing what the teachers manual told me to do.

    Anyway, bottom line, I have to go to work early to talk to her and explain how I am going to “put vigor” into my routine this week and how I am going to differntiate my program.
    By the way, one school starts very early and the other ends late, so I am putting in more time than anyone else in my district. I travel between the two schools and am not compensated for miles.
    I am having a horribe year and it is only the 56th day of school.
    I wish that administrators just let us teach, as long as we all get to the end product, why do we have to be all on the same page?


  2. Yeah it’s been a tough year here too. I’m about in the same time frame with the year as well. New to me school, new math program, different emphasis at this school on different things, and I’m feeling like I live at school and have no outside of school life. And six consecutive days of being observed….. with little to no feed back on the observations, other than since they did it for six days, one begins to think it can’t be good……….I hope things get better for both of us.

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