We Have a New Kindergarten Teacher

We’ve had subs teaching one of our kindergarten classes because a teacher wasn’t hired at the beginning of the year.  They have been in session for about 6 weeks now, not counting their first three week break.  They finally hired a new teacher (and is she ever new).  I met her Saturday, when I was at school to help out at our annual fall carnival.  She was in her room trying to sort things out.

Today, by 1:30 when she took them to P.E. they had her in tears.  I felt bad for her, but I couldn’t do too much for her other than to try to encourage her, if she needed a shoulder to cry on, I’m not much help.  I did firmly tell her, “You CAN do this.  It won’t be easy, but you can do it.”  I then told her to pretend that it was the first week of a new school year, because for her it is.  And for the kids, it’s a new relationship they have to build with her, just like the beginning of the school year.  She has Harry Wong’s The First Days of School, so I told her to focus on routines and procedures.  The kids now have to adapt to her, and they will.   I told her it’s much easier to be firm now and to lighten up later than to get control back after you’ve lost it.

We’ll let the two kindergarten aides help out more in there for the next few days until they can step back and let her have it more on her own.  I really have no clue whether or not she can pull it off, (I told her she could, but I don’t know)  she looked pretty miserable during prep, she looked better but still kind of down after school.  I told her to get some sleep if she can, and failing that, to make sure she eats well, lack of energy AND lack of sleep don’t go well together.  She indicated that she has been so nervous that she didn’t sleep at all Saturday night and not much last night.

It’s sure fun being acting grade level chair………

2 thoughts on “We Have a New Kindergarten Teacher

  1. So what do you do for kids who refuse to follow routines? I’ve used Harry Wong’s book for years, but this year they just don’t get it. No matter how strict I am, or how I pass out rewards and warnings, they won’t do it. Any suggestions?

  2. Sorry, I’m not sure what to tell you. It looks like you are teaching 5th grade, and if they don’t have it by now, I’m not sure what you can do to have them get it. I do know that kids DON’T CARE about our mental health, and fifth graders are starting to deal with hormones……… Maybe invite their parents in to visit the class for awhile, if there is one thing I know, fifth graders don’t want their mom or dad in class in front of their peers.

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