Oh Boy, I blew it…….

We don’t have school on Friday, so all of the Halloween stuff gets done tomorrow.  I know some of you don’t agree, but MY general preference it to ignore all holidays and hope the kids won’t notice.  In my defence I offer two things, a) for eighteen years of my teaching career, (that would be ALL of it) I have actually been on a calendar schedule that somehow managed to avoid most of the big ones.  And b) I’m a guy, (I try to put up bulletin boards that only have to be changed when the butcher paper fades too much, and I’m trying something NEW this year, I put up fabric in primary colors).

So anyway, all that to say this, I really don’t know HOW to do holidays.  I’m the grinch, bah humbug.  But I messed up big time.  We had a required student, parent, teacher, principal conference last week and the principal told the kid that if she wasn’t good, she would miss the Halloween party in my room.  After the conference, I told her, “Great, now I have to have a party…..”

Guess who forgot to send the notes home that tell the parents what the kids can and can’t wear to school tomorrow?  The same note that said when the party was during the day?  The note that said DON”T wear your costume to school, but bring it to change into….

I wonder if I can get away with passing tomorrow off to a sub?  I’m feeling kinda sick.

Here’s the plan, I sneak into my room early tomorrow, get the notes, and throw them away in a garbage can that isn’t in or near my room.  Then when the parents ask, I can blame it on the kids for losing the notes.  Their backpacks are black holes anyway.

It IS tempting………

Oh yeah, somebody scheduled picture day on the same day as the Halloween Party.   Go Figure.


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