It went OK

I guess enough of the kids have older siblings so, actually just enough and not too much stuff was brought for the “party”.  Some of the kids, about 6, actually brought costumes to put on.  One mother came at the end of the day and had little gift bags for all of the kids with things like pencils, a little thing of playdough, a couple of other things and a couple of pieces of candy.  All in all, pretty good.  I kept assuring the kids that it was OK NOT to have a costume, after all I didn’t have one……. and a lot of other teachers did, so it went OK.

One funny story, this one little girl told me that her mom was picking her up before the party,  she kept checking on when the party was going to be, and was it time to put on their costumes yet?   I got thinking, and asked, “Samantha, why don’t you do the pledge in the morning with the rest of the class?”  and she said, “Because, Jehovah doesn’t want me to.”  So I said, “Jehovah doesn’t want you to do Halloween either, does he?”  She paused a second and said, “No, it’s OK.”  “So, does your mom want you to do Halloween?  Does your mom know you have a costume in your backpack?”  Pause,  “I sneaked it.”

As it turned out, they called for her to bring her things to the office right before we were going to do the costumes, so I had her take it out and show everyone, before she left.  She had a Supergirl cape in her backpack.  I felt a little bad for her, but she got to show her “costume” and still pretty much followed the wishes of her parents, I believe we have a responsibility not to undermine the religious values of the child’s home, especially if those beliefs are an active part of their lives.  Parents in this case have not stated any non-participation preference.


3 thoughts on “It went OK

  1. Oh, too bad my earlier comment got deleted! I so called this one! LOL I said that older siblings would have the party info and some of your parents would send treats just because they know it’s expected even if they couldn’t make the party. I said you would have a good day. Glad you survived. Our party is today. And if you read my blog you’ll know I have a bit of a handicap today. But it’s all good. We also have our annual costume parade at the nursing home.

  2. Yeah, I really wasn’t too worried other than that some might show up in costume and that wasn’t allowed. There were a few parents that looked a little out of the loop when all of the kinder kids were showing up with all this STUFF for the other classes, but I assured them that it was OK. Seriously, this one kinder class had donuts, and three cupcakes for each kid plus all of the other junk like cookies and candy. It’s too much, especially since they will be going trick or treating today. The “Dashboard” in WordPress has a place where you approve the comments. But after approval, they stay there, I was deleting them from that location and then realized I wasn’t just deleting them from the approved file, but from the blog.

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