A Little More Halloween

During lunch on Thursday, one of the younger female teachers in the lounge, said that she was talking to her class about a costume party that she had gone to that week and had dressed up as a Geisha.  After she was done talking one of her boys said to her, “So you went as a hooker…….”

The funny thing was that on one level he was kind of right, and she wasn’t even aware that there was some basis for his understanding of the situation….


2 thoughts on “A Little More Halloween

  1. Too funny! I usually dress as a clown. I think of it as bringing out my true nature!
    Our party was great! Tons of candy, no fights, eight parents, lots of laughs. Some really cute costumes. Not as much gory stuff in K.

  2. I always dress as a witch, with a hat, curly-toed shoes, black cape and broom. This year, when my babies started saying, “Oh, you’re dressed like a witch!” I told them, “No, these are my regular clothes, I left my teacher costume at home today.” The brighter ones in my group got it, and started cracking up. Most of the others either had a confused look on their faces, or just didn’t get it, and ignored the comment. Either way, it made me giggle!

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