The Monday After Halloween

After all the kindergarten kids had lined up and gone into their classrooms for the day, I found a still wrapped tootsie roll on the ground.

So when we were all sitting on the floor, I held it up, explaining to the kids where I had found it and asked if anyone wanted it.    Pretty much the whole class raised their hands and clamored for it.  So I explained AGAIN where I had gotten it from and asked again.  Pretty much the same hands went up.  So we had a long conversation (well I did anyway, can you have a conversation if nobody is listening?) about where the candy had come from…..  i.e. nobody really knew, and so it came from a STRANGER.  Were they supposed to take things from strangers?  (Careful here to NOT talk about the strangers that they got half of their trick or treat candy from in the first place, don’t need to confuse or cloud the issue)  No, they were not.  OK, who wants the candy?  Same hands.  I’m seriously getting frustrated here.

So I said, “Nobody gets the candy, it’s going into the trash, BECAUSE WE DON’T KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM….”

And to make sure it STAYED in the trash, I took it out of the wrapper and rubbed it on the bottom of my shoe.  They SOUNDED pretty disgusted about that, so maybe it stayed in the trash…..


3 thoughts on “The Monday After Halloween

  1. Obviously you have NOT been in kindergarten long enough. I once watched a boy LICK the bottom of his shoe!! You should have flushed the candy! LOL

  2. And I actually HAVE bathrooms!! Missed that one. I was hoping that the collective sound of disgust would prevent any such ideas….. but you are right, nothing would really surprise me with these guys.

    There ARE some pretty disgusting stories here from the last three years in the archives. Which makes me wonder, I don’t remember any of this disgusting stuff from my first three years of kindergarten some 18 years ago. Were they not as gross? Or was I clueless? I must have been clueless……

  3. Yeah…mine would have been wrestling with each other over that crappy little Tootsie Roll! Even AFTER I rubbed it on my shoe! They are some icky little things sometimes. Today, Twin Boy spent the entire afternoon drawing on the table with whatever he pulled out of his nose. Good times, good times….

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