The Write Tools

banner-logo-left I spent the last two days getting inserviced on this writing program.  We are using it as part of our Reading First Literacy program.  I think I like it better than Write From the Beginning which goes along with Thinking Maps.  For me, it seems more user friendly.  The hard part as always is in adapting it down to Kindergarten.  It looks like mostly at first just modeling the process whole group, so that when they CAN write they automatically use the strategies.  Pretty straight forward.

I was sitting there in the first day of the training (Thursday) though, and the presenter mentioned that on Friday she would be going into greater depth in this one area and I thought to myself, “Oh Oh.”  I had only ordered a sub for one day.  I have signed up this fall for so many different trainings, (most cancelled due to low enrollment) that I had totally spaced that this one was a two day training.  I quickly called the school to see if the sub could be held over, but she already had another assignment, so the kids had two subs in two days.  Then Monday and Tuesday are no-school days, so Wednesday aught to be interesting after a 6 day separation.


3 thoughts on “The Write Tools

  1. I’m in almost the same boat. My students had last Friday off for professional development, then are off Monday for professional development. We are all off Tuesday, obviously, then the kids are off again on Wednesday for Report Card Pick-Up Day. I will be out Thursday for a workshop, which means I’ll only see my babies on Friday! That should be a fun-filled day for sure!!

  2. yeah, November is crazy, We were in last Monday, had staff development on Tuesday, then I was out Thursday and Friday, they are out Monday and Tuesday, then we have three days of school, one week of school then three days, then two off again for Thanksgiving. It’s a messed up month. And somewhere in here I have to do report cards and I think Parent conferences. But the conferences might be a little later.

  3. I have two complete weeks ahead, then a week off for Thanksgiving. Makes sense to me! LOL
    Of course today I have “car duty” and it is raining like crazy!

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