The Trophies reading program has a little rabbit puppet that you use for some of the phonics/phonemic awareness stuff.  At my old school, I had the whole Trophies kit, but the puppet was missing.  Since I needed a puppet, and since the school mascot was a lion, I got one of these and used it instead.lion1 When I moved to my new school, the mascot is different so I went back to The Trophies theme, but their little bunny was kind of lame, so I got this one.41hxrnj5vwl_sl160_aa160_ 418cgzdb7al_aa280_He’s a full size jackrabbit, and is very realistic.  The kids are really funny with a puppet. You don’t have to even worry about moving your mouth, the kids don’t care.  But usually I will have “Jack” (that’s his name) just whisper in my ear, like he’s shy, or doesn’t want to talk in front of the kids.  So I’m up there in front having this two sided conversation with the rabbit, and the kids are not their normal selves.  I mean, they are paying attention.  What’s with that…….

I bring the lion out once in awhile, but I tell them that he likes to sleep in the closet alot.  They wanted to know if he had any family…….  Kids.  So I said, “Sure, he has a brother that works at the San Diego Zoo, and he has two sisters and some cousins still in Africa.”  They all go, ” Awhh….”


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