The Day Before Thanksgiving

We are in a part of the country where we don’t get a lot of weather, it plays heck with that part of the morning when we are doing calendaring and I ask, “hum……  what’s the weather like today?”  Because generally, it’s about the same.  Every.  Single.  Day.

Anyway today it rained, and we went on “rainy day schedule”.  I know, I know,  some of you are thinking, “Big WHOOP, it rained”  but for us it’s a big deal, because it means we can actually DO the weather today.  I had a colleague at school who moved here from one of those places that actually HAS weather, and she was driving down the street one day shortly after she moved here, when it was raining and noticed what she thought at the time, was the oddest thing.  People were sitting in their garages with the doors up, just watching the rain.  She said, “What the heck’s with that?  Are they nuts around here?  About a year later, when it rained again, she understood.

But back to “rainy day schedule”.  (for those of you who have rain a lot, generally it’s probably no big deal.  I know that at my son’s school where they regularly have snow in the winter, the kids have recess outside in the snow and the kids go outside and play in the snow, but here, it’s a big deal because the kids don’t come to school dressed for it, they either don’t know how, or they don’t have the wet weather clothes) The “Plan” needs some serious work.  I mean, why should I have to have three classes of kindergarten kids entering and dismissing out of my room, just because I have an outside door?  In the morning…..  ours is an indoor school, meaning that when it’s raining most students enter through the front door of the school,  but they want kindergarten to come in a different way, through the two (we have 5) kindergarten rooms that have outside doors.  Which would be fine IF half of them didn’t come in through the front doors with their siblings.   So the teachers who are deeper in the school can’t be in their rooms monitoring kids AND down at my room monitoring kids at the same time.  We have kinder kids showing up at both places.  And then one of the kindergarten teachers has to be in the lunch room for breakfast, to escort the kindergarten breakfast kids to the classrooms.  If she’s there, she can’t be at her room…..   It was a fun day.

And between the rain and the holiday, they were wound up tighter than the main spring on a 7 day clock.  But after going crazy all day I finally found something that works.  I told them that I was looking for the quietest kid to give a sticker to.

I’m continually amazed at what they will do for a sticker.  I had peace and quiet the last half hour of school.  In the end, I gave them all stickers, but it was SO quiet, even the girl who can’t sit still to save her life, could for a sticker…….


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