The most disruptive student in my class……

It was really amazing today.  At 3:00, ten minutes before dismissal, I realized that I hadn’t had a single child pull a card for discipline.  Not one single child.  Nobody.

Curious how having one student absent can change the whole day.


6 thoughts on “The most disruptive student in my class……

  1. Amen to that!! The other day, my two worst were both out (Oh happy day!!) and I left at the end of the day like a whole new woman! I didn’t feel like my head was going to explode, I didn’t have that familiar tightness in my throat from holding back the yelling I wanted to do, I was actually smiling! Even better, the next day, I found out that one of the boys has actually transfered out! I know, I’m going straight to hell for being happy about that, but I can’t help it right now. That’s one less thorn in my side.

  2. See, if you re-phrase it, it doesn’t nearly sound like a “go to hell” offense. “I am SO happy that the learning climate has improved for the rest of the students in my class…….”

  3. Yes, one child can sure make an impact. And why is it that the most disruptive child usually has the best attendance? LOL I had five out Thursday, but they were my best kids and I really missed them. We’ve had the flu going around.

    Today should be a crazy day! It went from 70 degrees yesterday to a prediction of maybe 40 today. The wind is already howling at about 30mph. No recess today. And I have a windw that “whistles” when the wind blows. Can’t seem to stop it. Can’t tape over the little air gaps because it’s an emergency exit window. I think I’m going to ask to have the weather stripping replaced. It even annoys the students!

  4. They don’t miss school because their parents don’t want them HOME all day………
    Yeah, it’s been windy here and they were actually predicting snow for parts of the valley, but that’s probably the bench areas. Haven’t been outside, but it LOOKS cold. If they call inclement weather, (our kids never have proper cold weather clothing) then I could have problems, I have parent conferences all week.

  5. I don’t know if you all will see this. But I have to say “wow!”. I was researching how to help my daughter, who is disruptive in class. She is sweet, curious, intelligent and plays school at home. She is having a hard time with the structure.

    Then to read what teachers write. I know you need your outlets. I cannot imagine the stress of your jobs. I would suggest your outlets not be so public for us loving parents of these children to read.

    • As much as you love your daughter, and I’m sure that she is as wonderful as you think she is, can you see just how difficult it can be for a teacher? As a parent, what did you do to prepare your child for the structure of school? Did she attend preschool? Has she been around and associated with other children? If you have prepared your child for school, then that’s great. If you have read any other parts of my blog, you would know that I work in an at-risk school. You have to place the posts in this blog into the larger context of my blog overall. I love ALL of the children that I teach, they are without exception, wonderful children. Their excitement about coming to school and learning is wonderful. It’s why I do it. I just wish that my district thought they were as wonderful. If they did, they wouldn’t put 30 kindergarteners in one room with one teacher and no help. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs there is, and one of the most rewarding. But we don’t get much thanks, or appreciation, just criticism. Thanks for that.

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