Clueless Kids

Today the day started out as usual.  Accept for the kid that brought dog poop into the class on the bottom of her shoe.  Since I had to clean that off, I sent everyone to their tables to start instead of gathering on the carpet.  Got the shoe and the sink cleaned up, got the calendar out of the way and the the morning message, then got into our lesson on the carpet.  About half way through, kids started wanting drinks.  The only things I allow kids to leave group for are the bathroom, and to get a kleenex or blow their nose.  So the answer was NO.

When we are done with carpet work, and before moving to the tables, I have them go outside, run out across the grass and around the tree, come back and hop the hop scotch squares, run the long (and it is long) wiggly line on the asphalt, go around the big Fox and Hound circle, then climb onto the monkey bars on one of two ways that require climbing, and slide down the slide.  When they get to the bottom of the slide they hop up one class line  on one foot and back down the other one on the other foot, THEN they can go get a drink.  This wakes up the sleepy ones and gets the wiggles out of the rest.

So today, we FINALLY reached that point in the lesson and I told them to go run.  Three quarters of the class was out and to the tree before someone told me that it was RAINING outside.  So after yelling at them until I was ready to scream, I finally got them all back in the room.  They were quite dissapointed.  Never mind that it was maybe 40 degrees out there.  And wet.  So we gathered back on the carpet and we did exercises there.  I am so out of shape.  We ran in place for a minute.  I think it was one of the longest minutes in my life.  Then we did jumping jacks.  Oh Joy.  Inclement weather schedule was called, I couldn’t find my schedule, so I had my aide go next door to find out what time lunch was.  She came back and said nobody was there.  So at least we knew what time lunch was.  We were only 5 minutes late.  I blamed the kids.

End of the day, still wet and rainy, had to fight the little munchkins to put their coats on…….  hence the title of the post.


3 thoughts on “Clueless Kids

  1. We didn’t go out all day because it was 22 degrees. We got ready for car pickup at the end of the day and four of my students didn’t have coats. I said, “Where are your coats?” They were stuffed inside their backpacks! I told them to GET THEM ON YOUR BODIES! You are so right…clueless. LOL

  2. Yeah, I had a couple of girls with big fluffy WARM coats, stuffed in backpacks. When I said put your coats on, I think they figured if I couldn’t SEE that they had a coat it would be OK……..

  3. We NEVER go outside around here because it’s usually like the OK Corral. There’s almost always shooting going on outside the building. The only time it stops is when it’s weather like this (10 degrees!) because it’s too cold for the gangbangers to be outside. But, even then, we don’t ever go out because most of my kids don’t have the proper clothing for the weather. Gloves, hats, scarves, etc. are scarce. Some don’t even have real coats. They just layer on as many sweatshirts as they can. It’s so sad. Our librarian must have gotten a donation of winter clothes from somewhere yesterday, and she saw one of my girls in gym shoes today (there’s snow/ice on the ground, and it’s snowing as I type) so she found a pair of boots to fit her. It was like Christmas came early for little Miss V! She’s so happy. I never know how the parents are going to react, though. Most are appreciative, some feel offended, as if we think they can’t take care of their own children. Even more have come to expect it, which is the real tragedy here. They don’t bother to “waste” money on boots for their kids, cuz, hey! Someone else will buy them. Let’s use this money for something we really need, like booze or drugs or cigarettes….ok, I’ll stop…..

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