Three days back and counting……

Let’s see,  on Monday, one of the first things I heard after almost 5 weeks out, “Mr B.! You got new shoes!”  They don’t remember what an Aa or a Bb is or how they sound, but they DO remember what I wear.  My wife says that’s because they are down there by the shoes………

The next thing they asked was, “What’s that thing on your arm?”  I said that it was for when I go to the gym (without getting too specific,  it’s a BodyBugg, that monitors my caloric burn and activity).  They were divided between the ones that said, “My mom (or dad) does that.” and the ones that said, “What’s a gym?”  I said, “A gym is PE for grownups.”

Now, so far this week, Reading First in my room, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (she ended up coming into my room EVERY DAY this week, it’s like, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?  You may not really like the WAY I do things, but I have the highest scores in the school in kindergarten….so what ever I do, must work……..).  Staff meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, and two of my three 50 minute preparation times taken for meetings.    During one of the meetings during my preparation time, we went over trimester district testing results and the Reading First lady was there.  Later she was giving me a little grief over how I do some things.  I pointed out that of the 5 kindergarten classes at our school my class scored the highest on that skill…….   Oh yeah, and mClass math assessments on all kids this week and dibels progress monitoring on all kids this week.   Please, just let me TEACH…………

Monday and Tuesday next week I have a sub both days so that I can go to two different trainings.  One of them is supposed to be a two day training (I’ve already done a previous two days of it) and the other one is a one day training that they happened to schedule on Tuesday —AT THE SAME TIME.  Of course they BOTH think they are the most important one for me to go to.      Again, just let me teach…….


5 thoughts on “Three days back and counting……

  1. I’ve been wanting a BodyBugg for ages now! Please let us know what you think of it.

    Aren’t the babies funny? Mine would do the same thing, I’m sure. You didn’t mention having to DIBELS yet, which is what we’ve been doing for a couple of weeks now. The window closed yesterday, and I’ve spent most of today DIBELing the kids from next door cuz she’s a…ok, be nice…she’s not really with it, ok? I have to finish the rest of her class by the end of the day. 😦

  2. I LOVE my BodyBugg! I’ve lost 39 lbs since Thanksgiving. The first thing I did was give up sugar based Mountain Dew. Since I was drinking 3 – 5 20 oz bottles of THAT everyday….. that started the weight lose. Then I did Nutrisystem for two months (clarification, I ordered two one month supplies of Nutrisystem, I am still using some of the second months stuff). Nutrisystem works, but the emphasis is on just eating their stuff and not on watching calories, so what do you do when you go off it? It’s moderately expensive, and I wasn’t thrilled with some of the food. At the end of December we signed up at 24 Hour Fitness and since I was on break I went every day but Sunday, and I’m still going every day either before or after school. I also got a personal trainer and that has helped. What they teach at the gym and with the BodyBugg is that it is ALL about calories. And if you track your food on the BodyBugg website, and track your caloric burn with the BodyBugg, you know EXACTLY how much you will lose. And I don’t see as much of a problem with what I’m going to do when I want to stop losing weight. I’ve been in a bit of a hurry, (I don’t like to drag things out) so I’ve restricted myself to 1300 to 1400 calories a day, and I’ve been burning more than 3000, so every deficit of 3500 calories equals about a lb. of fat. It’s not quite that simple because with the gym, I’m building muscle AND losing fat so it’s not always a direct total weight lose, but I’m doing really good. Every Sunday along with not excercising, I also relax some on the calories, but still stay in deficit.
    After I had been on the Bugg for two weeks I had a phone session with one of the counselors and she was really amazed at how well I was tracking my actual calorie consumption, she said that a lot of people underestimate their intake. Mine was almost exact. That’s probably because I had spent a month on the Nutrisystem and had gotten used to keeping track.
    The new BodyBugg is smaller and not as noticable as the older model. You get 6 months of computer time with the purchase and after that it isn’t very expensive.

    Did I say I like it?

  3. Welcome back to the class. I’ve just been through 3 days of meetings this week, too. Today’s meeting (Friday) was fine: I met with my student teachers and we planned and worked in the classroom. But the meeting Wednesday gave me a splitting headache. (I blogged/complained about it.)

    “Just let me teach” I think most teachers completely agree. Many of the meetings seem to imply that if classroom teachers simply worked harder/smarter we’d get ALL kids up to benchmark. It’s not that simple, and it feels demeaning to attend through meetings that suggest that.

    Progress monitoring takes more time than those requiring it imagine–time that might have been spent learning.

    Anyway, welcome back to the class. And congratulations on losing 39 pounds. That’s impressive.

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