My Kids Are Weird

We were having a discussion in preparation for writing our class “Morning Message” and we were talking about our favorite foods.  One little boy said his favorite food was………  you guessed it, broccoli.  I said, ” You like broccoli more than ice cream?”  He said, “Yes.”  Now that’s just nuts.   I mean, fine, like broccoli, but as your FAVORITE food?  Then this other little guy raised his hand and I asked him what his favorite food was.  “Meat.”  I asked what kind of meat?  I’m thinking, steak, pork chops, fried chicken, hamburgers, fajitas, ribs…….  He said, “Cows.” 

I don’t know, that just made me laugh.  I explained that normally we called “cow” meat “beef”.  Maybe you had to be there…….


4 thoughts on “My Kids Are Weird

  1. There’s no doubt that my son would have said the same thing about broccoli at that age. He was never much of a sweet eater when he was young, but he would gorge on veggies. Funny, huh?

    The “cow” line made me crack up!! I guess I didn’t have to be there 😉

  2. Hey, at least he knows where meat comes from!! Too funny. Anyway, I think you should just be proud that your little guy knows where meat comes from. I asked one of my girls where milk comes from and she said, “We get ours at WalMart.”

  3. Funny, we don’t have euphemisms for lamb, rabbits, chicken, turkey, or fish. I guess cows and pigs appear more closely related to humans.

  4. COWS, HAH! Gotta love five year olds.

    Dan makes a good point–how come only pigs and cows have euphemisms? Is it because there are so many different types of pig and cow products that we typically specify which ones we mean?

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