Sick Kids

I had 5 out of 26 kids out sick today, and sent one home mid-day with 102.4 fever that was climbing.   I’m constantly amazed that parents can send kids off to school with NO current contact info.  Not one of the phone numbers worked for this child.  They had to send a truant officer out to the house to find the mom.  I have worked in at-risk schools my entire career and the fact that parents can’t seem to keep an active phone number is no surprise, but there has to be SOME way that the school can reach you in an emergency.

Even the nurse can’t medicate, so nothing to break or control a fever except fluids and cool compresses on the head.  It took almost two hours for mom to pick her up and her fever got to at least 102.7.


5 thoughts on “Sick Kids

  1. That’s crazy! I have strong feelings about parents that send their kids to school sick and contagious. Very strong!

    That’s also scary about not having a phone number. Too many situations can turn bad in a hurry.

  2. It’s a sign of our times… my guess is that the mother of this child is pretty stressed out herself. Who’s to say she’s not working a job that takes a dim view of a mother who has to take sick leave to care for her child?

  3. Yeah, not sure on the circumstances there. I do know that she sent the little girl right back to school the next day, and the girl seems pretty tired all the time. She didn’t have a fever the second day, but she was pretty droopy, I didn’t let her do anything physical, made her take it easy all day.

  4. This makes me angry too. In our small school (80 students) we always have at least 5 or more that we have no way of contacting the parents a month into the school year. I just don’t understand this. Even the emergency contact numbers don’t work. I don’t think they realize how important this is to the teachers and the office staff.

    … Okay I’m done ranting now. 🙂

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