Nacho Party


So a couple of weeks ago I created a prize package for my kids.  I wanted something motivational going on that would be kind of fun for the kids.  I told them I would place a colored marker star on the white board every time they did good in specials (art, music, P.E. Library), or if they won for best behaved class in the lunch room, or any other thing where they got recognized for good behavior within the school.  I told them that when they got 10 stars, they could have a nacho party.  Things were going kind of slow for a week or so.  They only picked up 5 stars in two weeks and I was beginning to worry that it was taking too long for them to win.  For young children having the reward out there too far for too long  sort of defeats the purpose.

But today they blew the top off the reward.  At the monthly schoolwide awards assembly they were recognized for two things, they had the highest percentage of attendance on the grade level, and the Specialists collectively recognized them as the overall best behaved class in the school.  Then at lunch they were selected as the best behaved class for the day.  They got a “5” (best number of points) at Music and they had a sub for the day while I did Mid-Year Benchmark DIBELS testing.  I told them that if the sub gave them a “5” I would give them a star.  They ended up with 5 stars for the day and got to 10,overall  so now I have to do the whole Nacho Party thing with them.  They were pretty stoked.


5 thoughts on “Nacho Party

  1. I went to one of the restaurant supply stores that sales wholesale to the public, there’s one not too far from the school and it opens early. I got a #10 can of nacho cheese for about 6 bucks, and the chips were in bulk there too. I also picked up a quart jar of jalapenos just in case any of them wanted some. The kids can have pretty spicy tastes. But I only had one kid that really wanted them and she was OK with me not opening the jar just for her. There was no indication on the can of cheese just how hot it was and it was probably medium spicy. I already had some of the little rectangular nacho paper bowls.

    I had one kid who would eat a chip, go get a drink, eat a chip, go get a drink, etc. so it was spicy enough. I tried to tell him water wouldn’t really help, but he didn’t believe me. They had a good time. I’m glad I did it right away so they got the sense that it was pretty immediate.

    They are on a roll, they got 5 points in library (equals one star, 9 to go) today towards their next party.

  2. I used to teach at a school that gave out “star bucks” to children when they were caught doing something good. Everyone from the custodians to the teachers to the kitchen staff carried the fake money and could give it out to anyone. Students collected their money on a chart in the classroom. The students got to spend their money in the school store each Friday. The store kept baskets of Oriental trading stuff. It was a wonderful program and the students loved it.

  3. You might enjoy jumping over to my Mr. Kindergarten blog to read my post on DIBELS. I’m not too in love with its fuller implementation under the auspices of Response to Intervention aka RtI.

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