A Twenty…….

twentyWe have a weekly school wide writing prompt.  All classes are supposed to participate.  Naturally the product generated in Kindergarten will be somewhat different than that generated in 5th grade (one would hope).  For my kindergarten kids to do it, most of the basic prompt is copied directly from either the board, or a handout.  Each week, one sample is submitted from each class and posted on the walls in the school.  I would have selected this one, but this kid has been selected a couple of times recently, once just last week.  Last week the writing prompt was “If I were President, I would……..”  This same kid in one draft wrote.  “If I were President, I would lower taxes.”  His second sentence was, “If I were President, I would give more money to the schools.”   I wish I knew who he was listening to, and I wonder if they know he is listening that well……….

Anyway, this one just cracked me up, from the picture right down to the way he said his best present was “a twenty”.  Not $20.00, or twenty dollars, but “a twenty”.

3 thoughts on “A Twenty…….

  1. Found this post over at the Cornerstone and I just had to tell you that I enjoy the detailed drawing of the twenty. Sadly, I believe my own kid would create the same drawing and caption.

    So to avoid embarrassment at school, I only give her actual gifts. No cash transactions.

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