The Moon


My son posted this image of the Moon and Venus from yesterday.  His three year old was arguing with her older sister (12) about whether or not the solar system had 8 or 9 planets.  The three year old maintained that people had decided that Pluto wasn’t a planet so there were 8 planets not 9.  I want her in my class.  Well, maybe not.  She would probably be correcting me all the time.

Speaking of the Moon, one of my kids mooned the class on Wednesday, so she has been taking a little break from school……..  It’s been peaceful and nice the last few days……….


3 thoughts on “The Moon

  1. I saw that alignment of the Moon and Venus Thursday night. So impressive. Venus is about to go into retrograde and will appear in a little more than a month as a “morning star.”

  2. Great picture! I’m enjoying your blog – I’m at a Reading First campus as well. I’m the reading interventionist and used to teach kindergarten.

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