One of the hazards of living close to your school

It’s not really a hazard, and not a problem, but since I transferred schools last year, the main shopping district, with  Walmart, and Target in it, is now common ground for my shopping and the students from my school.  It’s always funny to run into kids outside of the school context.  They look at you like you are an alien or something.  They just don’t know what to think when they see you someplace else.  Like I live at school or something.  Like teachers don’t have a life…….OK, maybe we don’t, but we are allowed out once in awhile……

Anyway, my granddaughter had her 7th birthday party Saturday at Pistol Pete’s Pizza Parlor.  While there I ran into one of my students.  THE student.  The one that makes my life the most interesting, this year.  You know, the one who’s goal and mission in life seems to be to make me crazy.  Her mom says the same thing, so it’s not just me.  Her little sister is in preschool at our school and I have tried to trade, but the preschool teacher won’t even talk to me about it.  Little sister is NOT like my little darling.  And little sister was having a birthday party too.

So the kid from my class kept swinging by to check me and our party out.  Apparently she didn’t get enough of me last week at school.  After she hit me up for arcade tokens (of which I had none),  I asked her how many kids were at her sister’s party.  She gave it some thought and finally said she didn’t know.  She then looked at our party and said, “I don’t know how many, but they are all black…..”  Because clearly, the kids at my granddaughter’s  party were not.



7 thoughts on “One of the hazards of living close to your school

  1. I love seeing how excited kids are to see teachers outside of school! It cracks me up. There’s a book I’ve read about this class who is convinced their teacher lives in the classroom andare shocked to learn the truth.

  2. I used to live five minutes from the middle school where I taught. Some of my students lived across the street from me. I hung out in my backyard a lot.:)

  3. I always love the “you don’t live at school” looks of amazement on their little faces. 🙂 I have some who won’t even acknowledge me while I’m speaking to their parents, LOL.

  4. Saw two kids from school at WalMart just this afternoon. They called out, very loudly, “Mrs. Maurer! You were at school!” “Yes” I replied. “We saw you!” “Yes.” “Now you’re HERE!” Yes, that’s usually how it works…lol

  5. Now that’s funny…when I brought my daughter to school for the first time one of the kids asked if she had a dad! They just assumed I lived at school with my dog!

  6. We had a neighbor boy, who is also a 5th grader at my school, ask to use our bathroom because he was locked out of his house. He plugged up our toilet. He won’t look me in the eyes at school any more.

  7. JeremyB, So put him out of his misery and talk to him, otherwise he’ll be scarred for life. The poor kid was despirate, came to someone he could trust, and look what happened. Everybody plugs up that toilet…….

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