Trophies Reading, one of our stories, “Elmer”


In our Reading Program we have this book and the kids really liked it.  And most books we read several times, so the second time, as we looked at the story, I had the kids draw the elephants from the story, or one that could be in the story.


Since we are an indoor school, I created a “bulletin board” out in the hall outside our room using some of the pictures that they made.  I think they did a really great job on their pictures.










6 thoughts on “Trophies Reading, one of our stories, “Elmer”

  1. Yeah Mary, the kids really liked this one too. So I found out on Amazon that there are a couple more books about Elmer so I ordered them as well. Another set of books that someone put me onto is the SkippyJon Jones books, the kids like them as well. He’s a Siamese cat that thinks he’s a Chihuahua. My wife bought me one of the books that came with a little stuffed SkippyJon, so we have had fun this week, I keep moving him around the room and hiding him. The kids think it’s great.

  2. I love Elmer! He’s my classroom theme for the year. He gets to go home in a bookbag with each child for a week. I’m hoping he gets returned after spring break. I’d hate to lose him. I love the bulletin board!

  3. I like the low key humor when he goes out through the forest and the other animals all say, “Hi, Elmer.” Then just say, “Hi Elephant, when he comes back.” Since it’s in our reading program, all of the kindergarten classes are doing it about right now. One of the other teachers asked if her kids could add their elephants to the parade. I said. “Sure.” By the end of the day, all of the kinder classes had added their elephants, the wall looks pretty cool now. (Ours are the best though.)

  4. First of all – So Happy to see some positive comments on this site! Second – love the Elmer parade. I might use that idea in my K class next year!

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