Today we had perfect attendance… well almost

The first time since early January I think, but alas, it was not to be.  One of my kids got sick after lunch and threw up in the middle of our math lesson.  Fortunately, it wasn’t much volume wise, and he didn’t get any of it on the manipulatives, just mostly on himself and the floor (and as luck would have it, he happened to be on the tile….YES!!!).  So after I had him sent off to the health office, and the floor cleaned up and disinfected (I keep Clorox Wipes around for just this kind of thing, a side on that, the principal suggested the other day that the Clorox Wipes weren’t on the “approved list”,  I replied, “What Clorox Wipes?”) we had the class discussion again about what you are supposed to do if you THINK you might throw up… Namely, go stand by the trash can.

Apparently this kid has a really bad gag reflex, both the times the nurse has tried to take his temperature, she has made him throw up again…….

Her comment was, “I just HAVE to get one of those thermometers that reads their foreheads……”

On a different note, “Twilight” came out on DVD this weekend.  I have, and have read all of the series, but some of the people at my school are a little crazy.  In the lounge at lunch earlier this week I heard one teacher complaining that she had gone to Walmart early for her copy and was really bummed that they didn’t have the “deluxe” edition.  Then, one of the office workers mentioned that over Saturday and Sunday she had watched the entire movie SIX times.  That’s just goofy.


3 thoughts on “Today we had perfect attendance… well almost

  1. You clean up throw-up yourself? You are braver than me. 😉 A girl puked today (after going to the nurse yesterday AND today – I told her to tell the nurse “I told you so”) and I put down sawdust and called for a custodian. Ick. 😉

  2. Anytime there is throw up I have to gauge my own response, I have a REALLY bad gag response, the sound, the smell, or the sight can trigger it. In this case it really wasn’t too bad, he cleaned most of it off himself, and the little that got on the floor I was able to get real quick before it got too me.

    Normally I would have the custodian do it.

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