I do not like mClass math, I do not like it, Sam I am……

mClass math is “supposed” to be a math version of Dibels and we do the assessments on the same Palm and upload the data.  Unfortunately it is NOT anything LIKE Dibels and for Kindergarten at least, I think it’s stupid.  At the BEGINNING of the year for example, to be benchmarked in counting, they have to count to some ridiculous number like 80(Steven could count to 2..), never mind the report card only goes up to 20(for the whole year)……  The rest of it is like that as well. I don’t find any useful information, but it is a colossal waste of time.   Hummm, how do I REALLY feel about it……..

Anyway, the 6 or so lowest kids are supposed to be progress monitored every month.  The test we are to use for the monitoring is ADDITION.   We haven’t actually TAUGHT addition yet, nor will we until almost the end of the year.  Lowest kids, concept not yet taught, THAT makes sense.

The math specialist doesn’t really help, she just fires off emails that are all labelled URGENT.  Out of 27 emails, 20 of them were “urgent”.  I put a copy of the book about the little boy who cried wolf too many times in her mail box…..   You can’t talk to her about anything that is bothering you, she takes it all personal and gets defensive.   The new math program is less than stellar(hint: it will be one of my linked categories at the bottom of this post).  Her main answer is to just DO it and stop complaining.   THAT’S helpful.

Someone (probably her) decided that our aides couldn’t do the diagnostic interviews (progress  monitoring) but the classroom teacher has to do it(that way we will understand where the kids are better or something like that, so apparently the score they get doesn’t actually DO that….).   She’s been getting on our cases because we haven’t really done them.  Yesterday she walked through the lounge while the kindergarten teachers were eating, and stopped by one teacher and LOUDLY told her what a good  job she was doing getting it done(funny thing, the aide that did her’s for her later did mine too), while pointedly ignoring the rest of us.  Reminded me of myself a few minutes earlier on the way to the lunchroom with the kids, “I like how Nancy is walking in line…..”

I about gagged.

Out of ALL the cuts they are making next year, apparently she isn’t one of them.  Worst luck……..

6 thoughts on “I do not like mClass math, I do not like it, Sam I am……

  1. I have absolutely NO idea how “What’s your sex life like?” could possible relate………. Unless it’s the Urgent in bold……..

  2. Wait a minute….you get to eat lunch???? Like with other grownups? How does that work?
    I like our math program. And I begin addition in September in circle using “dot addition”. At this point in the year most of my kids can add almost anything. Some of my lower ones who can’t rote count to twenty can still add lower sums. We will start subtraction next week.
    Sorry, I didn’t check your link. (One of my students asked me Thursday how to spell “nipple”.LOL)

  3. Sure, I’m a real teacher, so the kids know how to add, because we have been doing it. But the actual math unit on addition isn’t for awhile yet. My point is that if I have to follow their stupid pacing calendar (which doesn’t match their stupid math program, which they just spent millions on) why would I be expected to assess on it?

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