What is it about Kindergarten kids……….????


 AT LEAST ONCE every year.    

You might not know it from some of the things i say, but I do love my kids……….

And this one?  Normally can’t keep her shoes tied to save her life.


10 thoughts on “What is it about Kindergarten kids……….????

  1. Oh, good, I’m glad I’m not the only one this happens to!! The last time it happened, I tried all freakin’ day to get them apart, and finally I let the kid cut them. I then sent a note home to mom explaining that it was her little darling that tied them together and we tried all day to get them apart, cutting was our last option, or he wouldn’t have been able to walk home!

  2. I quit tying shoes after the first couple of months. They hardly ever ask anymore. I figure they have a friend that knows how.

  3. As a fellow Kindergarten teacher, I can relate to this as well. My favorite personal experience: One of my boys not only tangled his shoelaces together but also wrapped them around his ankles first. I wish I had taken a picture. Although annoying at the time (stop teaching, put on wiggle music while I worked on the laces because he announced it to everyone)it was quite creative.

  4. I never go to school without my camera. This one didn’t want to pose, but I told her she wasn’t getting off THAT easy….

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