I Teach K Conference

I start back to school Thursday, so I’m spending some time in the room getting it and myself ready.  I emptied out my mailbox (which was full) of all the stuff that has accumulated while I’ve been out.  I saw the Title One person and asked her about the conference (the last word I had heard was that the 5 kindergarten teachers would be able to go, with Title footing the bill).  She gets this kind of funny look on her face and says, “We had to have that turned in a couple of weeks ago……”   And I said, “AND??????”   And she said, “Did you want to go?”  I said, “Of course I want to go.”   And she said, “But you weren’t here, you were on break.”  And I said, “I do have a phone, and email….”   And she just looked at me.

Apparently she is going to “try” to get me registered.   Who knows how THAT will go.

See, one of the biggest problems with year round scheduling is that when you are out on break, it’s like they forget you work there.  Then when you get back, they want to hold you responsible for all the stuff, they “think” you should know, but don’t, because you weren’t there.  If they were better organized, they would put something in place to cover all that.  They do a half-hearted attempt, but they don’t do it very well.  Just enough to again treat you like it’s your fault if you don’t know, or don’t do something they think you should.


2 thoughts on “I Teach K Conference

  1. I was thinking about you today, because I spoke to our LLT about a kindergarten conference being held here in Chicago over the summer. There’s a possibility that we may have some Reading First money available to pay for it. It’s only 2 days, and it’s literally 5 minutes from my house, so no hotel needed. Yay! If you aren’t able to get to the Vegas conference, you may want to check out this one. It looks like it’s going to be awesome. Plus, it would be great to meet a fellow kdg blogger!

  2. On my year round schedule, the only way I’m going to anything this summer is if the District or Title pays for it and the sub while I’m gone. Vegas would probably work out better than Chicago, but I like Chicago, My oldest son got his master’s at University of Chicago, so we visited a few times. The Title coordinator took the info today and it looks like it might go through, so we’ll see.

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