New Student

I know, I know, you are all going on summer break, and I’m getting a new student.  I’m not happy about it either.  In the year round setting, we still have 1/3 of our year to go.

Today was his first day.  Part way through the morning he asks, “Do you do green, yellow, and red for my mom?”  I asked, “Humm, what do you USUALLY get?”

Him, “RED.”

He is already NOT sitting at a table with the rest of the kids, but at a separate desk by himself.


Oh, Joy.


3 thoughts on “New Student

  1. Hmmm. Every class has at least one kid that seems to take more than we’ve got to give.

    Sorry you have to work through the summer! Gads it must be hotter than h*** there in the summer. Wouldn’t it be better for all of you to clear out of the desert in June, July, and August?

  2. He is settling down some now that he’s been here a few days. It hard for kids to move in the middle of the year. He still talks too much though, as in blurting out answers when it’s someone elses turn. THAT’s the part that I have a hard time with. Everyone gets a fair turn to contribute and when they blurt out answers they cheat the other kids.

    Summer has been OK, since they invented air conditioning……..

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