Humm, the non stopping, incessantly talking, jabbermouth of a new kid.

He can’t stop.

Talk, talk, talk, talk talk. interrupt, talk some more, interrupt some more, talk, talk, talk………

I told him the other day,  “I bet you would talk if there was a guy behind you with a sword to chop off your head if you talked.”

He just looked at me and then asked, “What kind of sword?”

He was in timeout for talking and interrupting and after a while I asked him if he was ready to be quiet and rejoin the group, which of course made him think he could talk…………. you know,  about talking and not talking………   So I let him stay there some more……..


4 thoughts on “Humm, the non stopping, incessantly talking, jabbermouth of a new kid.

  1. Oh, good Lord! And your school year just STARTED, right? I’ll be praying for you! You know, while I’m lying in my hammock, enjoying my summer break… 😉

  2. My children have all been in year-round schools before. Interesting that a report done ten years later showed all of their campuses had reverted back to traditional schedules. Some cited economic reasons and others said they just had too many parent complaints. My granddaughter had the best schedule for a while- off December, April, August. Now she is going to a different schedule. Haven’t seen it written down yet.
    I like being off for the summer, but HATE returning in the middle of August. I wish we would start in September. I remember as a kid we waited until the grape harvest was finished, even if it was two weeks later than first scheduled! Otherwise we would have started school with at least a third of the kids still in the fields!

    • Yeah, we’re Mid August too. Because of snow days (that we have to make up, we have 7 days between the end of this year and the beginning of next. Oh joy. I have always worked in year round schedules here, but we wouldn’t have it either if there were enough schools. The parents fight it, and they only do it for elementary, so older siblings are off when the young ones aren’t (never mind, the young ones were off when the older ones weren’t. So attendance goes bad from here on out with the middle schools and high schools out for the summer. I had a mother ask me just yesterday about when her son was finished and seemed really surprised that it was mid August. I don’t know, they have the calendar, and they KNOW their kids have been out when the older siblings haven’t……..

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