Funny Kids

My kids were laughing the other day so I listened to see what they were laughing about.

One of my boys SINGS to himself, everytime he goes to the bathroom.  I don’t think he thinks about the whole class HEARING him when he does it.


5 thoughts on “Funny Kids

  1. You must have a bathroom in your room, right? I assume they listen through the door (?) We don’t have a bathroom in our room, so we use the bathroom down the hall. I send 6 boys at a time in, while I supervise from the door. One of my babies pulls his pants DOWN TO HIS ANKLES before he uses the bathroom! It used to crack the kids up, but now they don’t even pay attention to it.

    • I had one that used to do that, his mom was a teacher at the school. Told her she needed to have a talk with him. Chicken, she passed it off on his dad. We have the bathroom in our room, but he was so loud, they didn’t have to listen at the door. You could hear him across the room. I’m embarrassed to say this, but I have TWO bathrooms, one for girls and one for boys……

    • Yes, I’ve seen that before too. It can be pretty awkward when you walk into the men’s room at the ball game, there are half a dozen people waiting their turn, and here is some kid who looks like he is 12 with his pants down to his ankles.

  2. I used to sing in the bathroom! 😉 I think I stopped after my parents made fun of me when we were on vacation in California, and they said people were laughing because they could hear me in the parking lot of the Rose Bowl. (The windows were open.) Oh well!

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