Graphing with Kindergarteners

OH MY HECK!!!!!!

They are making me freak’n CRAZY.  All  I want them to do is tell me the difference between one number and another (within the context of a graph).  5 Apples, 3 Oranges, “How many MORE apples are there than oranges?”  or “How many fewer oranges are there than apples?”  (My aide says it because I’m trying to compare oranges to apples……)

We have HAMMERED on the key words MORE, FEWER, LESS THAN.  We have matched up and counted how many of anything is left, etc, etc.  We’ve approached every way from Saturday,  the ones that get it, get it, the ones that don’t, I wonder if they ever will…….  I’m pretty convinced that it’s developmental and they won’t get it until they are ready.

None-the-less, it’s on the test.  And the test cometh.


6 thoughts on “Graphing with Kindergarteners

  1. I enjoy your blog- don’t quite know how I found it. But hang in there with the enVision Math. After using the program for just one year, and half the teachers flipping out and the other half LOVING it (gotta say, mostly K teachers flipping) our state scores just came back and every school in the district went up. A lot.
    And that’s after trending down for 3 years straight, the wrong direction under NCLB. Kids that, for whatever reason, aren’t ready to learn wouldn’t with any program, and this is way better than the rote pencil/paper stuff.

    Keep up the great work. 🙂

    • Prior to Envision, we had the product from the same company. My biggest complaint is that I don’t think some of the slideshows/videos that introduce each lesson are very well thought out or done. Some are not even logical, and math SHOULD be logical. I agree the first year of anything is rough, hopefully this next year will be better.

  2. I don’t think you are supposed to use the slideshows to introduce the lesson- those come after the Interactive Learning. Many teachers have found that the amount of time necessary to spend on Visual Learning Animations depends on how the kids did with the conceptual part. Also in K, most of the standards are considered introductory, at least in California. What you do there lays the groundwork for success in 1st and 2nd. Our teachers really do try to aim for mastery, though. That’s a tough goal!

    • They STILL aren’t very logical, the show a clip, and ask a question, and the answer they want either isn’t very obvious from the clip, doesn’t even make sense from the clip. For example, there is one picture where the parents are standing waving at their child on the bus. THEY say the kid is coming home from school, however, he is in the back window of the bus, waving at his parents as the bus is clearly driving off not arriving. These are stupid mistakes. In our district you’d think they wanted us to master third grade material. We us mClass math as our math equivalent of DIBELS for language, and expect us to do interventions based on the results. The benchmark goals for the beginning of the year for kindergarten are ridiculous.

  3. I came upon this blog by accident, while I was researching enVision math. I am a student teacher in K and I have to use this program! I HATE IT!!! I’m in a real rural area and most of the kids never had pre-school or any kind of schooling. Some didn’t even know how to count to three… We had this test today and they BOMBED it! My master teacher won’t let me use the interactive part so I have no clue what that is like. The program is too much for them, when they don’t understand the concept of reading left to right and up and down. It’s overstimulating for them in my opinion. I’m just glad that it’s not me and that others are having problems with this program. I wish you the best! I’ll be done with this class on Friday, so I won’t have to worry about the program… unless I get a job and they have it at that school.
    Good Luck! I’ll be watching your blog periodically… I only wish I had found it sooner…

    • This is the first year in 9 years of teaching kindergarten that I have had more that one kid who couldn’t count to three. I had three or four this year. We started on unit 4 and then went to unit 5 (based on our district pacing calendar and the state standards). Unit 4 is 0-5 and unit 5 is 6-10. We are now in week 7 of school and maybe half my kids still can’t identify all the numbers to 10. THAT’s depressing.

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